The Young and the Restless
(CBS/Sony; Set Decorators: Joe Bevacqua, Andrea Joel, Fred Cooper)

The Bold and the Beautiful
(CBS/Bell-Phillip; SD: Elsa Zamparelli, Charlotte Garnell Scheide)

(Showtime/Aggressive Mediocrity; SD: Tim Stepeck)

(HBO/Stewart Prods.; SD: James V. Kent; Buyer: Liza Rudolph)

Curb Your Enthusiasm
(HBO; SD: Jane Shirkes)

The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson (CBS/Worldwide Pants; Supervising Producer: Cathy Hoeven)

New Girl
(Fox/Chernin Ent.; SD: Jane Shirkes)

Work It
(ABC/WB-TV; SD: Anne Ahrens)

NCIS: Los Angeles
(CBS/Shane Brennan Prods.; SD: Michele Poulik)

(The CW/CBS TV; SD: Erin Smith; Buyer: Adam Braid)

Mr. Sunshine
(ABC; SD: Anne Ahrens)

The Price is Right
(CBS/Fremantle Media; SD: Richard Domabyl)

(Fox/Imagine; SD: Cloudia Rebar)

Cold Case
(CBS/WB-TV; SD: Tim Stepeck)

Gilmore Girls
( The CW; SD: Mel Cooper)

Arrested Development
(Fox/Imagine Ent.; SD: Maureen Osborne)

Boston Legal
(ABC/Fox/David E. Kelley Prods; SD: Mary Ann Biddle)

The Practice
(ABC/Fox/David E. Kelley Prods; SD: Cheryal Kearney)

(HBO/Rysher Ent.; SD: Sara Andrews Ingrassia)

(ABC/Fox Steven Bochco Prods.; SD: Mary Ann Biddle, David Smith, Archie D’Amico)

The X Files
(Fox; SD: Tim Stepeck)

(NBC/WB-TV; SD: Greg Grande)

The Nanny
(CBS/TriStar/Montrose Prods; SD: Shaunah Smith)

The Comeback
(HBO/WB-TV; Michele Poulik)

Las Vegas
(NBC/Dreamworks; SD: Mary Ann Biddle, Karen Agresti)

(ABC/Paramount/Carsey-Werner; SD: Elizabeth Fowler)

(NBC/WB-TV/Amblin; SD: Tim Colohan)

Grounded for Life
(Fox/Carsey-Werner; SD: Mel Cooper)

Malcolm in the Middle
(Fox/Regency; SD: Donald Elmbladt)

From the Earth to the Moon
(HBO/Imagine; SD: Michele Poulik, Amy Wells)

Sister, Sister
(Paramount; SD: Shaunah Smith)

LA Law
(NBC/Fox-TV; SD: David Smith)

(NBC/Brillstein-Grey; SD: Linda Cooper)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air
(NBC; Prod Designer/Art Director: Fred Duer; Ass’t Art Director: Alan Okazaki)

In the House
(NBC; Prod Designer: Fred Duer; Alan Okazaki)

Suddenly Susan
(NBC/WB-TV; SD: Steve Rostine)

Dharma & Greg
(ABC/Fox-TV; SD: Anne Ahrens)

(NBC/Castle Rock; SD: Mel Cooper)