American Sniper
(WB/Village Roadshow; SD: Gary Fettis)

Welcome to People
(Dreamworks SKG; SD: Douglas Mowat)

(Screen Gems/De Line Pictures; SD: Dena Roth)

Made of Honor
(Columbia Pictures/Sony; SD: Melissa Levander)

Death at a Funeral
(Sony; SD: Dena Roth)

(Universal/Imagine; SD: Susan Benjamin)

He’s Just Not That Into You
(New Line Cinema; SD: K.C. Fox)

Sex and the City
(New Line Cinema; SD: Amy Wells)

Meet the Fockers
(Universal; SD: Sara Andrews Ingrassia)

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
(Fox; SD: Anne McCulley)

For Your Consideration
(Shangrila/Castle Rock; SD: Dena Roth)

The Bucket List
(WB; Prop Master: Doug DuRose)

National Treasure
(Disney; SD: Anne McCulley)

The Haunted Mansion
(Disney; Rosemary Brandenburg)

(Universal; SD: K.C. Fox)

Erin Brockovich
(Universal/Jersey Films; SD: Kristen Messina,; Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

(USA Films/Bedford Falls; SD: Kristen Messina; Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

Almost Famous
(Columbia/Dreamworks; SD: Robert Greenfield; Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

Cast Away
(Fox/Dreamworks; SD: Rosembary Brandenburg)

Lethal Weapon 4
(WB; SD: Lauri Gaffin)

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
(New Line Cinema; SD: Sara Andrews Ingrassia)

Austin Powers in Goldmember
(New Line Cinema; SD: Sara Andrews Ingrassia)

Oceans 11
(WB; SD: Kristen Messina; Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

Vanilla Sky
(Paramount; SD: Cloudia Rebar)

A Civil Action
(Orphans & Dogs Prods.; SD: Tracey A. Doyle)

A Mighty Wind
(Castle Rock Prods; SD: Dena Roth)

Wag the Dog
(New Line Cinema; SD: Kristen Messina, Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

Scream 2
(Miramax; SD: Bob Kensinger)

The Odd Couple II
(Paramount; SD: Kristen Messina; Buyer: Shana Sigmond)

Out to Sea
(Fox; SD: Anne McCulley)

Mars Attacks!
(WB; SD: Nancy Haigh)

Absolute Power
(Castle Rock; SD: Richard Goddard, Anne McCulley)

The Phantom
(Paramount; SD: Amy Wells)

Nothing to Lose
(Touchstone; SD: Cloudia Rebar)

Independence Day
(Fox; SD: Jim Erickson)